Sip of Europe® presents ZefirChic®, a reinvented treat of 21st century

Learn more about the creator here (Instagram page of Yulia, Sip of Europe)

Recently cafe had a pop-up in New York and it went really well!

pop-up sip of europe

Imagine a product which could have

    • any size;
    • any stable form and shape created without limitations of the sphere, flat and cubical structure,  or  use of any multi- dimensional framed mould ( unique  distinction from other treats);
    • any texture;
    • any flavor (sweet or savory);
    • any filling;
    • any coating;
    • any color;
    • gluten/ fat/ dairy/ soy/ nut free (unless stated otherwise) and could be made vegan.

Imagine no more – it exists, it is called ZefirChic®  [Zi:-fír-CHik].

Produced at award-winning café – crêperia Sip of Europe this meringue-like treat  can be molded, shaped, and formed into virtually any design. It works well in both savory and sweet options, and can be produced with all manner of filling, coating, and decoration. ZefirChic® Roses are the examples of shape diversity.