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Hi, my name is Yulia. I am Russian. I’ve established Sip of Europe® in May of 2015. I like how my vision is described in this Yelp blog https://www.yelpblog.com/2017/06/small-biz-spotlight-sip-europe-portland/.

They say:
  1. Leah W.  From <https://www.yelp.com/biz/elite-event-yelps-taste-savor-and-sip-of-europe-portland> I would give this six stars if I could!First off, the owner is ADORABLE.  I loved that she talked about the reason behind her business and that she channels her mother in at least one of her products.
  2. Kristi M.  From <https://www.yelp.com/biz/elite-event-yelps-taste-savor-and-sip-of-europe-portland> First, let’s start by saying that Yuli is just a pure delight.   Her enthusiasm and bubbly personality are just what you look for in a shop – the kind of attitude that makes you want to return.  Her passion for her business and the products that she is putting out came through in both her welcome and the actual presentation of food and drink that she so generously provided
  3. Averyl H. From <https://www.yelp.com/biz/elite-event-yelps-taste-savor-and-sip-of-europe-portland> Our host, Yulia, was very enthusiastic, endearing and passionate about her offerings. I liked that she shared that she included her Russian mother’s recipe in what we were to sip and savor.
  4. Courtney C. From <https://www.yelp.com/biz/elite-event-yelps-taste-savor-and-sip-of-europe-portlandYulia the owner is super nice and I loved hearing her speak about the inspiration behind her restaurant and all of the food on the menu.
  5. Charles W. From <https://www.yelp.com/biz/elite-event-yelps-taste-savor-and-sip-of-europe-portland> Yuli the owner was very enthusiastic and it shows in her food and drink.
  6. Chrissy H. From <https://www.yelp.com/biz/elite-event-yelps-taste-savor-and-sip-of-europe-portland> First of all, the owner, Yulia, is adorable and such a gracious hostess. You can actually taste her bubbly spirit and passion in every bite of crepe and sip of port wine milkshake- both of which were phenomenal!
  7. Courtney C. From <https://www.yelp.com/biz/elite-event-yelps-adventurous-dinner-party-portland> Yulia does it again!! The reviews and articles are right when they say Yulia is one of the main attractions of Sip of Europe. She is one nicest and generous business owners I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in Portland. She is a gem and I speak her and Sip of Europe’s wonders to anyone who will listen whenever I get the chance.
  8. Cookie T. From <https://www.yelp.com/biz/elite-event-yelps-adventurous-dinner-party-portland> Yulia could not have been more of a gracious and generous host.  Yulia really is a dynamo – and probably one of the best imports Portland has ever had.
  9. Tracy A. From <https://www.yelp.com/biz/elite-event-yelps-adventurous-dinner-party-portland> But the highlight of the event, and obviously of Sip of Europe as a whole, is Yulia. Sweet, entertaining, personable and talented, Yulia made the night so enjoyable with her stories, jokes, insights and “teachable moments.” She is a joy.
  10. Brett F.  From <https://www.yelp.com/biz/elite-event-yelps-adventurous-dinner-party-portland> I had heard that the owner, Yulia, was even more of an attraction at Sip of Europe than the delicious crepes, but I was skeptical. Name another Portland restaurant where the owner takes center stage? Well, I’m sold. Yulia is downright charming, and very funny.
my story

When I  came to the USA as a  Work & Travel student,  in order to get some extra money for traveling inside of the US and for bringing money back to home country I decided on taking extra jobs.  As a  Work&Travel student I’ve worked for Subway®, for a coffee shop, for two morning cafes and for the Italian restaurant. I noticed that I liked all the smiles and positive energy from my customers who would come in, make the order, get the food they liked and a good service and enjoy the experience.

As i was looking forward to moving to the USA and waiting for my visa (that was a lengthy process taking a year and a half), I was thinking of acquiring some skills that could potentially help me in having/ operating food business. I started working as an overnight shift barista at the local coffee shop chain. There I  learned how to make espresso drinks, how to decorate the desserts, how to arrange the work time efficiently.   During a spare time of my night shifts I would read the managers’ know-how books, the lists of inventory, look at the position of equipment and the ways the space was used for the maximum efficiency.

I was not sure about getting the managerial or high skilled intellectual work in the USA so I wanted to try my luck with a coffee business in it’s simple form as a coffee cart. After a few unsuccessful inquiries about the available spaces I got the recommendation to contact the owner of the square located in front of Old Orchard Beach’s Pier. That is the main tourist center over there. Price seemed affordable and I decided to rent that cart for a summer season. Right in front of my cart I had a Belarusian guy selling crepes at his crepe cart.  When asked about his background he said that the Internet was his only cook-book. Well, that assured me that with the proper recipe I could have a basic product which could turn from sweet to savory with the additions of a variety of ingredients.

By the end of the tourist season i decided that I would start looking for a permanent location in the foodie capital of Maine, Portland. I got lucky and found the place for lease almost immediately! Because the coffee margin would not be enough to cover the rent, I decided to go with the crepes as a perfect addition to any beverage. My cultural heritage (I am from Russia) has a special place for crepes – they are a long-time national dish, just called in a different way – blini. Knowing that my mother makes amazing crepes, i asked her for the recipe, she eagerly gave it to me. Practice began after that and with a slight modification of the main recipe, i was ready to open the crêperie and have it as my home away from home =)!

The community welcomed me in a very nice way and my café became a popular place for the locals.

Now I am even happier to go beyond 2.5 years milestone with the rating of my café averaging 4.9+ in Portland, city with a highly competitive scene of food establishment. Rating-sip-of-europeThis year I got a commercial bakery license for my crepe cakes which gave me the opportunity to be able to share the goodness with more Mainers and residents of Massachusetts! Around the same time Sip of Europe was awarded with a title from “The Portland Phoenix” as “best crepes In Portland”. That award carries an incredible value, as Portland was recently named the Best Food City in America by “Bon Appetit” magazine. When you consider the very tough competition between the other amazing food establishments and mobile vendors in this VERY “foodie” city, it is incredibly humbling to be bestowed with such an honor.

I love traveling which means learning more about people, languages and places, trying to understand other cultures. My favorite activities are sightseeing, trying local food and meeting interesting and fun people. I also own the website about beautiful Russian city St. Petersburg, it is www.glad-to-meet-you.com. Welcome there as well!

Here are the articles that would help you get a picture of me and my café Sip of Europe®.

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